Friday, January 28, 2011

"Dream Catcher"

I'm starting to get more interested in art work...So while I was in Long Beach on Monday, I decided to stop by an art store to see what they had...Of course I just haaaad to find something that I liked, and so I went to inquire about it… But, before my mind could even be set on that particular piece the owner said..... "No! I have something that -is-for- you!"  She took me over to the "Dream Catcher" by Frank Morrison and said …"Now this is you"! How she "knew" that this was "me" in the 2.2secs we conversed I do not, I will give her a little credit because I really did like the piece. I checked out more of Morrison art work, and now I cannot decide which one I like the most, and would like to invest in.  Here are a few of my favorites...Of course "Dream Catcher" is at the top of the list.

"Dream Catcher"

"Dream Weaver"

"Half Diva, Half Amazing"

"Proud Diva"

"Still Rising"

"Royal Blue"

"Sista Behind The Mask"


"Practice Make Perfect"

"Wrapping the dew"


  1. Maal- How can I get that 80 Flashback joint? Very nice blog.

  2. Hey Maal...Terribly sorry I should have posted his website...You can purchase there or even try the art stores...Here is the site