Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I'm Curious...

as to what is on Ted Noten's mind when he comes up with the things he does. He is such a BRILLIANT artist/designer but he SCARES me just a tad...Lol..... His ideas are so Out of the Box that I'm slightly concerned yet thoroughly intrigued.

Before I show you some of his more current work... lets take a look back to some of his work from 2003 -2008. I personally changed the name of these bags to the   "I AIN'T NO KILLER BUT DON'T PUSH ME" Collection. lol

Disclaimer: I do not promote violence...BUT  these are HOT...

2005 Murder Innocence Suitcase

2007 LadyK37

2007 Lady K Bag
Louis Vuitton Bag (Private Collection)
2003  "After 21 Cups of Coffee" Necklace w/18k Gold, Porcelain

 Here are some of his more softer works that  I thought were nice. You can find it on his site @ 

Silk Scarf w/ a 18k Gold Gun

Coffee Cup on the wall

"Purple Love Ring" (Acrylic, Amethyst)

You must watch this video...It just explains how "Special" he is.

"Femme Fatale" (Sword Ring) Rubber filled w/ Nylon (Sword is flexible and will not break)

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