Wednesday, February 2, 2011

All I need in this Life of Sin...

 is God, family, close friends, Bojangles..AND a room in my house that I can fill with shoes from all across the world. lol  (Only shoes with at least a 3inch height or more (of course) "Hi ,My name is Mia and I'm a Shoeholic"..LONG SIGH, so now that I'm  done admitting my shoe addiction to you guys again...Let me show you some styles that I'm feeling right now..I named all of the shoes in this post MY  "DARE TO BE DIFFERENT COLLECTION"!

LOVE THESE PUPPIES! "Coraline" by  Messeca

POW! "Ruzzy by Senso

Cuteness! "Sadie" by Gee Wa- Wa

This Shoe is "Extra" for no Reason but I dig it "Multi Gem Pump by Haus of Price

This boot has Power....."Vancouver" by Sam Edelman

I love 'em  because its different (Rain boots with shoe strings and the color is ahhh -mazing) "Ruby -1- Tell by Ilse Jacobson

                           Men should step out the box and try something with some edge...
Everyone "ain't" able...but I think my boy Josh could pull these off  Oxford Mystic by Osborne

                                   Both Boots are by Palladium they have a little swag on 'em. 

"Baggy Boot"

"Pampa Peloten"

Back to the women ...I think I may have found a "new love" his name is Jeffrey Campbell....I'm digging his does a little something for me.


"P- Kitten"





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