Thursday, January 6, 2011

To Heck with Tradtion?!!!

Where do I begin? This photo is absolutely AMAZING! The CONCEPT, the PHOTOGRAPHY and that DRESS!  I know 20th Century women are rolling around in their graves angry but who cares…This picture is Brilliant for more reasons than 1.  I wish I knew the photographer and the dress designer.

Times have changed and so has the color of wedding dresses! Some argue that centuries ago wearing white meant wealth....and on the other hand  you have some that argue from a religious stand point that  wearing white represented/represents purity. You also will find that there are individuals who strongly believe that  that blue was the color that stood for purity. Regardless, of what you may think or believe people are ditching “tradition” and becoming more creative for their big day…..Not only thru their wedding gown but even in their wedding pictures. Yes, I’m all for tradition however, I’m all for creativity and stepping “outside the box“. Especially  after seeing this red dress I may reconsider, tradition

This photo is stunning.... I love the vintage inspired theme….and the dress is beautiful. Both pictures have inspired me to think even bigger for my wedding day.

How important is tradition to you? Getting married outside vs. inside the church? Wearing red instead of white? Post your thought...

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