Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I Love To Get Naked!!!!

Yes, you read it correctly! I- Love- To -Be - Naked! Completely exposed showing and revealing everything, hiding nothing and yet still found attractive. Looking in the mirror I have come to like what I see. I can appreciate every scar because there is a story behind it. I can deal with the flaws because I’ve come to the realization that I’m still a work in progress…. as for my imperfections, well that’s an easy one….We all have them and I only know of one man to walk this earth who is perfect and that is Jesus Christ himself.

Surely, by now you know that the only nakedness I’m speaking of is the full comfort, excitement, raw, and unedited version of just being ME!

I think it’s fair to say that we all want someone who will accept us for who we are. I’m sure that just like me, most of you want someone that you can be candid and honest with…… one you can share your weakness, failures and your fears with and yet still be found “attractive”. I will be the first to openly admit (holding my right hand up as if I’m reciting the Pledge of Allegiance lol), that in the past I did not understand the full benefits or the purpose of being naked. I would give just enough to a person, and held back as much of me as I could because I felt that was the “safe thing to do”. I was not ready to expose the full depth of me and my “surface” just had to be good enough. But how could I expect a person to appreciate and fully understand me when I only gave a part of me? It is/was a process but its takes a level of comfort and trust to expose yourself to someone that you find yourself growing and becoming emotionally attached to.

It does however, make the process far easier and I more appreciative when a man makes an effort to understand my rawness, edginess, passion, and feistiness and still say ….you know what? I love her and accept her all the same.  As I matured as a woman and became more confident and certain as to whom I was (still keeping my “guard“up of course), it became essential for me to be just that, ME! “Exposed”! You have to accept all of me (flaws and all) or press forward. I love to be and want to be “bare”! We are at our BEST, when we are ourselves and feel comfortable at being ourselves. Not only that… I feel that it forms a level of comfort and it creates a bond because you “see” a person in their entirety. But nowadays being naked has become so taboo. My opinion is this…. SOME women and MOST men are not as likely to “get in the nude” because they fear that they will not be accepted, and even more so the idea of being vulnerable and exposing themselves is scary. To some being “vulnerable” may appear as a sign of weakness when in my opinion, it’s a true sign of confidence and sureness of one -self to desire to be unclad. Look, we all wear a mask to a certain degree. We wear it until we feel secure and take it off when we feel we are ready to expose our self. In FACT, let’s be CLEAR a person shows you what they want you to see. But in this case when a person is making an attempt to show you who they REALLY are, take it as a sign that they feel that you are worthy. Do not use it as attempt to abuse them or take advantage, but a way to better understand them as a person.

True, everyone is not deserving to see you “unveiled“, so it would be wise to take precaution in who you share yourself with. However, in life there are no guarantees and with love you have to be willing to take risk. There are those who unfortunately rather not take risk…and those who do not desire to have a deep and meaningful relationship ….so they do not see the need to be “naked”, spiritually, mentally emotionally… only physically. Being exposed, vulnerable, and naked (whatever you want to call it) is not always an easy thing ….I can admit that too…. But, it can prove to be rewarding and beneficial. I can honestly say that, my healthiest, and happiest, relationships maintained unbreakable and stronger connections than any of my other relationships mostly because we were naked with one another. There were no facades, no fear of being “played”, or looking “stupid” we were completely uncovered. Baring it all!

At the end of the day…”The Moral To My Story” is this- When you can be naked with yourself FIRST….know who you are…..accept who you are ….and love who you are that feeling is priceless. WE ALL have our flaws, imperfections, and inconsistencies. But you should never hold back who you are in fear of not being “approved”, or found “attractive”. Everyone will not always accept you and that is a risk that we all must face at some point in our life. Nevertheless, when you have taken delight in being you and being uncovered …..You have the strength to walk away from relationships/friendships that lack the willingness or desire to accept/approve you. I do strongly believe that two individuals can build an enormous amount of respect, a strong connection, and healthy relationship when they are naked with one another. You cannot expect a person to understand, or accept you when you only show and give a part of you.

How do you feel about being naked? Do you agree that it has become taboo? Do men seem less interested or willing to be vulnerable? Are woman looking for that “stamp of approval” more so than men?  


  1. Great topic Mia!!! Personally I think that most men are not as emotionally mature as women. Its difficult for them to communicate how they feel, and they have a hard time processing their feelings when they're hurt. Not saying ALL men are like this, but that has been my personal experience with some...I agree that being able to be comfortable in your own skin, and knowing who you are is a beautiful thing and it definitely comes in handy when trying to establish a meaningful relationship.

  2. Latisha...thanks for posting a comment.

    You made a valid point you stated " men are not as emotionally mature as women". I'm sure some men will argue differently but I must say that I can agree with that.

  3. Wow! you said a mouhful to feed the starving children in africa.. joking. But seriously i dont know where to begin. i completely agree that people have to be worthy of receiving ALL of the true you. i've learned the hard way (but thank Jesus i don't wear my feelings on my shoulders) that you can't bust out and be you and still receive the kind of reaction that you would if you gradually release your personality on a person. Let's be real Mia, you and i both know can't nobody handle aaaaaalllllll of me aaaaallllll exposed at one time. oh lawd,did i just say "handle"? flashbacks....tisk tisk lolol.. anyway, i recently found out how good "the chase" of a man and "the mystery" of a woman is a wonderful and exciting thing! omg! So being totally and utterly naked is more than cool, when you get there, but it's going to take some time and like you said, precautions and having your guard up to size up who is worthy to see you in your nakedness. But oh when you take that armor off, man! you know you are around someone you will never lose, being friendship, courtship, loyalty with family. i'm telling you and i so agree with you that when you can pass gas in public and that person not look disgusted, or you can admit to that person that you don't know how to operate a $10 coffee pot and you're 45 years old, you've got something nice. you don't feel that embarrassment of what some people call rude and what others call a "dern shame". That nakedness allows someone to teach you and help you grow. it also leads to conversations and exploring each other. That leads to another topic, Mia because people get to find out why you act the way you act. you could have been harassed, beaten, raped, lied to too many times, lived in a viscous hood, grown up with a silver spoon in your mouth, never been taught how to be a man, didn't have a male figure to teach you how to take deliberate strokes when shaving, never had a mother tell you how beautiful you are, never been told your breath stank, etc etc. people hide, and it ain't a bad thing until you deprive a healthy relationship from secrets. on a final note ( and i can't believe i have this much to say), finally being all out and open allows you to be free and able to do what our Savior wants, and that's love one another unconditionally. Did that blow your mind? Deuce