Thursday, January 6, 2011

10 Things I Found in 2010 That I Brought With Me into 2011:

#10. Classico Sauce

 Classico is my Only brand of Choice when it comes to sauce. Before Christmas I tried their Traditional Basil Pesto sauce/spread ...and just like the other Classico sauces it surpassed my expectations. I give it Two thumbs up!

#9.  White Citrus Lotion by Bath & Body Works
Admittedly, I LOVE using Baby Lotion…but after receiving White Citrus Lotion and Shower Gel for Christmas…. I have become addicted to this soft and pleasant scent. 

#8. Villa Lanata Moscato d’ Asti

 My girl Eliyah celebrated her Birthday in October, and that is when I was introduced to this bottle of "goodness". This may be the best Moscato I have tasted thus far.  

#7. Voluspa Candles 
 Volsupa … Is….THEEE….Best ….Scented…. Candle….. EVER! So glad that I found you again Voluspa!!! “Me and this candle must not ever part again in LIFE… My favorite is “Makassar Ebony and Peach” 

#6.  NYX Lipstick and Bath & Body Works Mentha Lip Tint 

My ever so talented friend and MUA (make -up artist) Eliyah, "put me" on to NYX lipstick. I'm now forever embedded to my favorite shade by them "Honey". Bath & Body Works ("-Pink Mint") is a lip gloss I will not leave the house without. Bonus: It has 100% Natural mint, and it tints the lip a perfect natural shade.

  #5. Paul Mitchell Foaming Pommade

 A Hair Product I LOVE! Typically I do not blow dry my hair. After a wash, I comb my hair back throw on a scarf and let my hair dry over night.  The next day I squeeze a dab of this foaming pomade in my hand, and rub it all over my hair. For me it softens my hair, and gives it a little shine. I like that it’s not greasy, and it really helps me manage my thick hair. When heading to bed I usually wrap my hair with using the foaming pomade which makes it easier to manage the next day. Ladies, it’s a must try!

#4. Aveda Control Paste  

Another hair product I LOVE! My life has not been the same since I “met” Aveda Control Paste! SERIOUSLY!  This does exactly what it says…..CONTROL!! Works great for all hair types, and if you have a short hair cut like I do, this is a “MUST HAVE” . Bonus is this…..It’s a natural product (all of Aveda products are), its’ not sticky, and it will not weigh you hair down. 

#3. TV Shows: Modern Family and True Blood 

 Modern Family- Hands down this is MOST FUNNIEST, and Entertaining TV show out right now.  It’s  “HEE- LARRY- US”!  

True Blood is Phenomenal! Well written, with a SUPERB cast. Every episode leaves you at the edge of your seat. No other shows can compete with these two. NONE! 

#2. My Barber -Mike 

Honestly, I have yet to find anyone who can cut as dope as him.  He is a perfectionist when it comes to his work and I love that about him.

It was not always easy.... but I had learn in 2010 how to Be Content No Matter My Circumstance. Regardless of how bad things looked or felt...despite how people treated me my mind was (still is) set on PRESSING FWD and Trusting God like never before. I'm MOST definitely carrying this mindset into 2011.

Okie -doke, I have given you guys my list! Is there anything from 2010 that you brought with you into 2011?


  1. I'm bringing in the iphone apps with me. i cant live without birds and the galaxy apps

  2. a tad bit "jealous" the iphone has the better apps. lol Maybe Ishould ditch my blackberry

  3. I love Voluspa candles!!! Pink Citrus on deck!

  4. @ Sia I have yet to smell that one...but its now on my list as one to try/buy:)