Friday, January 28, 2011

"Dream Catcher"

I'm starting to get more interested in art work...So while I was in Long Beach on Monday, I decided to stop by an art store to see what they had...Of course I just haaaad to find something that I liked, and so I went to inquire about it… But, before my mind could even be set on that particular piece the owner said..... "No! I have something that -is-for- you!"  She took me over to the "Dream Catcher" by Frank Morrison and said …"Now this is you"! How she "knew" that this was "me" in the 2.2secs we conversed I do not, I will give her a little credit because I really did like the piece. I checked out more of Morrison art work, and now I cannot decide which one I like the most, and would like to invest in.  Here are a few of my favorites...Of course "Dream Catcher" is at the top of the list.

"Dream Catcher"

"Dream Weaver"

"Half Diva, Half Amazing"

"Proud Diva"

"Still Rising"

"Royal Blue"

"Sista Behind The Mask"


"Practice Make Perfect"

"Wrapping the dew"

Friday, January 21, 2011

Assume the worst and Hope for the Best

Maybe something is wrong with me...and if there is.....So What!!! But I HATE flat shoes!!! You will mostly likely not ever see me in a pair, unless you catch me running a quick errand. I do however; keep a pair in my car for driving and in case of an "Emergency". Though I prefer a heel over a flat.... I do strongly believe that "THE FLAT SHOE" lol serves a great purpose, and comes in handy... Especially if you are traveling ...and here is why...

I take some pride in my presentation. Not to impress anyone.... I do it for Mia! It makes me feel good.... But I will be honest and say that when it’s time to see my man …. Trust…I'm going to step it up a few more notches. It's "only right"! lol.... So here is the story.....During my junior year in college, my boyfriend at that time moved to Vegas..... Shorty after the move… he sent me a plane ticket to come visit him. So in "good ol’ Mia fashion"….I had it all planned out! I was going to step off that plane strut my stuff, and give this grand entrance for my hunny. So I thought!!!! I went to the airport sporting my little black dress with my killer 6" inch high, knee boots on. I was going to be ready! Only issue is ...I made it from Charlotte to Atlanta and then the dreadful happened. Walking through the airport my heel snapped. I- almost- "DIED"!!! I was mortified!  Here I am in this HUGE spare shoes in my carryon bag, no place to purchase any, annnnnnnd.... I'm now walking with a limp because of a missing heel. Not to mention I will no longer be able to give him this grand entrance that I had hoped for.....and to "put the icing on the cake" I have all these eyes on my limp, and that darn missing heel. I either got a confused look, double take, or the side eye from people. I was embarrassed!!

I remember calling my boyfriend literally CRYING ...I was upset with him!!!  lol...As if it was his fault that I had broken my heel, and had to walk through the airport with a limp. He was empathetic at the time.... yet he still managed to ridicule me for not being prepared. Needless to say ….he did not receive the entrance I wanted to give. He showed up to the airport with a pair of flip-flops for me, laughing, and shaking his head....BUT, he made sure I left Vegas with a pair of sneakers as my back up plan and a fixed heel. ;-)

Moral to My story is this (if you haven’t gotten it yet).... Assume the worse and Hope for the Best! Have a Back -Up Plan! 

I MUST hand it to Dr. Scholls...THIS IS A BRILLIANT IDEA! BRILLIANT! Flats that come in a little pouch. You can carry this in your purse, on your wrist, or even in a small clutch and pull it out when needed!!! Where was Fast Flats when I needed them most in Atlanta?!!

 Things Woman Should Keep Near:
      1. SPARE SHOES!  Try to keep pumps and flats (keeping those black pumps in the car will come in handy just as much as a pair of flats... Believe Me)
      2. Mini Sewing Kit/Double Sided Tape
      3. Stain Remover Pen
      4. Hand Sanitizer 
      5. Baby Wipes  (Save yourself some cash go to the 99cent store for your wipes)

      Thursday, January 20, 2011

      You can thank me later....

      1. Adding a few drops of nail polish remover to your thick/old nail polish can turn it into "new" polish
      2. Dabbing clear nail polish over a loose button will keep it from falling off
      3. Hair Conditioner serves as a great shaving cream 
      4. Rubbing a dab of nail polish remover can remove scuff marks on patent leather shoes
      5. Placing your costume jewelry in (separate) Ziploc/Freezer bags keeps them from tarnishing
      6. Using a razor can help get rid of those annoying fuzzy balls on your winter/fall sweaters
      7. Dipping your hands in ice cold water speeds of the drying process for wet nails (from what I hear)
      8. Baby Wipes serves as a great make- up remover on the face as well as make-up accidents on the clothes
      9. Driving damages the back of your shoes (take a look) You should keep a pair of driving pair in the car
      10. Freezing your tight fitting leather/patent leather shoes can stretch them. How? Click HERE

      Wednesday, January 12, 2011

      I'm Curious...

      as to what is on Ted Noten's mind when he comes up with the things he does. He is such a BRILLIANT artist/designer but he SCARES me just a tad...Lol..... His ideas are so Out of the Box that I'm slightly concerned yet thoroughly intrigued.

      Before I show you some of his more current work... lets take a look back to some of his work from 2003 -2008. I personally changed the name of these bags to the   "I AIN'T NO KILLER BUT DON'T PUSH ME" Collection. lol

      Disclaimer: I do not promote violence...BUT  these are HOT...

      2005 Murder Innocence Suitcase

      2007 LadyK37

      2007 Lady K Bag
      Louis Vuitton Bag (Private Collection)
      2003  "After 21 Cups of Coffee" Necklace w/18k Gold, Porcelain

       Here are some of his more softer works that  I thought were nice. You can find it on his site @ 

      Silk Scarf w/ a 18k Gold Gun

      Coffee Cup on the wall

      "Purple Love Ring" (Acrylic, Amethyst)

      You must watch this video...It just explains how "Special" he is.

      "Femme Fatale" (Sword Ring) Rubber filled w/ Nylon (Sword is flexible and will not break)

      Tuesday, January 11, 2011

      Deitrick Haddon..........

      is one of  the most "Down to Earth", Gifted, Talented, and Unique individuals I have ever met!  I had the opportunity to work as his wardrobe stylist for the mini movie, and cover for his new album "Church on the Moon". .... And Let me tell you guys from the moment this man set's foot on a set to the very end of the shoot he -puts- in- work!!! His energy is crazy, his passion is obvious.... and that voice.... when he opens his mouth to sing the effortlessness behind all that pours out of him leaves me at a loss for words. 

      Now, let me keep it real for just one ugghhhh  I LOVE the Lord...and thank goodness HE knows what's best ....because had HE given me a voice to sing I am most certain that we would have had some issues...Cause let me tell ya'....I would have been trying to set up a meeting with Diddy trying to get on "The Last Train to Paris" singing runs, or trying to lace a track with Soulja Boy singing songs with no substance..... talking about my "swag is turned all the way up"
      In  all seriousness...Deitrick sings with such anointing, soulfulness, passion, and power. His  lyrics carry immense power because its pure, and its honest....and it  has the capacity to elevate you to such great heights in worship. He is a rare and special commodity in the music industry, and I find it hard to compare his level of talent with any other artist.  

      Photography By: Derek Blanks

      In his ability to transform gospel into something "genius" , he has also managed in the same breath to take gospel to an ENTIRELY different level. He has embarked on a style, that has and will continue to leave a mark on the gospel music industry. "Christian R&B" is what some may call it, but whatever the name, or term you chose to go with.... . I make NO EXAGGERATION ...The man GOES HARD, and WITHOUT ANY DOUBT you will not be disappointed.

      I admire Deitrick, for where most people  with a voice like his would have gravitated and chosen to record songs that would be a "hit in the club",  he chose the far greater, and rewarding task....He chose to be obedient and use his gift to not only glorify God,..... but to encourage, and minister to the people who love the Lord, and love to worship. God Bless you Deitrick, for being such a blessing to all those you have come in contact with through your music.

      ...Be sure to go out and get   "Church on the Moon".....TAKE OFF is JANUARY 25, 2011....... I'm ready for worship!!!!

      Here is a clip from Deitricks movie Blessed & Cursed: The song "Well Done" is featured on the new album

      Here are a couple of songs I wanted to share that I love from Deitricks last album Revealed: 1st song is "Ungrateful", and the 2nd one is "It's Raining".


      I like this Chick: 
      Persian designer Melody Ehsani

                   I design to inspire. I design to serve. I design because I was created to do so.”

      For those of you who are not familiar with her story …its quite simple. She pretty much “opted out” of the traditional lifestyle that her Persian family wanted for her. Instead of honoring their wishes of her becoming a lawyer she followed her heart and became a designer. Though she did not receive their support, she never let that stop her.  

      You have more than likely seen her design creations on people like Keri Hilson, A. Keys, Rhianna, C. Breezy, Diggy Simmons, Erykah Badu....and so on

      **This just goes to show, that no matter if its family or not….other peoples opinion for YOUR life should not deter you from following your dreams. 

      I've been following Melody for a little while now and I'm always amazed at her creativity and her sense of style.

      Check out some of the things I like  from her collection:
      Armo- Dillo Ring w/ Crystals $45

      Chainbow Earrings $60

      Butterfly Swarovski Earrings $120

      "I'm Fly" Bracelet $48      

      Kaleido Necklace $115

      Thursday, January 6, 2011

                                                                        Happy New Year

                                           Wishing Everyone a Blessed & Prosperous 2011

      10 Things I Found in 2010 That I Brought With Me into 2011:

      #10. Classico Sauce

       Classico is my Only brand of Choice when it comes to sauce. Before Christmas I tried their Traditional Basil Pesto sauce/spread ...and just like the other Classico sauces it surpassed my expectations. I give it Two thumbs up!

      #9.  White Citrus Lotion by Bath & Body Works
      Admittedly, I LOVE using Baby Lotion…but after receiving White Citrus Lotion and Shower Gel for Christmas…. I have become addicted to this soft and pleasant scent. 

      #8. Villa Lanata Moscato d’ Asti

       My girl Eliyah celebrated her Birthday in October, and that is when I was introduced to this bottle of "goodness". This may be the best Moscato I have tasted thus far.  

      #7. Voluspa Candles 
       Volsupa … Is….THEEE….Best ….Scented…. Candle….. EVER! So glad that I found you again Voluspa!!! “Me and this candle must not ever part again in LIFE… My favorite is “Makassar Ebony and Peach” 

      #6.  NYX Lipstick and Bath & Body Works Mentha Lip Tint 

      My ever so talented friend and MUA (make -up artist) Eliyah, "put me" on to NYX lipstick. I'm now forever embedded to my favorite shade by them "Honey". Bath & Body Works ("-Pink Mint") is a lip gloss I will not leave the house without. Bonus: It has 100% Natural mint, and it tints the lip a perfect natural shade.

        #5. Paul Mitchell Foaming Pommade

       A Hair Product I LOVE! Typically I do not blow dry my hair. After a wash, I comb my hair back throw on a scarf and let my hair dry over night.  The next day I squeeze a dab of this foaming pomade in my hand, and rub it all over my hair. For me it softens my hair, and gives it a little shine. I like that it’s not greasy, and it really helps me manage my thick hair. When heading to bed I usually wrap my hair with using the foaming pomade which makes it easier to manage the next day. Ladies, it’s a must try!

      #4. Aveda Control Paste  

      Another hair product I LOVE! My life has not been the same since I “met” Aveda Control Paste! SERIOUSLY!  This does exactly what it says…..CONTROL!! Works great for all hair types, and if you have a short hair cut like I do, this is a “MUST HAVE” . Bonus is this…..It’s a natural product (all of Aveda products are), its’ not sticky, and it will not weigh you hair down. 

      #3. TV Shows: Modern Family and True Blood 

       Modern Family- Hands down this is MOST FUNNIEST, and Entertaining TV show out right now.  It’s  “HEE- LARRY- US”!  

      True Blood is Phenomenal! Well written, with a SUPERB cast. Every episode leaves you at the edge of your seat. No other shows can compete with these two. NONE! 

      #2. My Barber -Mike 

      Honestly, I have yet to find anyone who can cut as dope as him.  He is a perfectionist when it comes to his work and I love that about him.

      It was not always easy.... but I had learn in 2010 how to Be Content No Matter My Circumstance. Regardless of how bad things looked or felt...despite how people treated me my mind was (still is) set on PRESSING FWD and Trusting God like never before. I'm MOST definitely carrying this mindset into 2011.

      Okie -doke, I have given you guys my list! Is there anything from 2010 that you brought with you into 2011?

      My Thoughts on Style

      My view of fashion has always been different than most.  I strongly believe that style is a freedom of expression. No matter what you are wearing, if you exude confidence than you have the ability to make anything you wear look as if “hot”.  Now, please do not misconstrue my statement, by concluding that I’m conveying that you can wear just any old thing, be confident, and you will look great. That is by far what I’m saying. However; what I AM saying is that it DOES NOT take rocking a well known label to be stylish, or to look your best. When you feel great about yourself, you tend to project that in your outer appearance.

      In fact, my opinion is this…having a keen sense of style starts from within. What you feel on the inside exudes on the outside. If you feel great you should want to look great, and one way to do this is by expressing yourself through your clothing. Just keep in mind that, “being over the top”, “trying extra hard to be different”, does not constitute being fashion savvy! There are those who are naturally different, and can pull off doing dramatic things with their wardrobe ….BUT, if that is not who you really are, you will FAIL! Your personal style may be the cause of the next big fashion trend, so just be YOU!  Remember fashion designers, wardrobe stylist, heck the fashion industry as whole, draws some if not most of its inspiration from everyday people. So embrace your own personal style, be a trendsetter not a trend follower, and enjoy the beauty of being YOU.

      Here are my TOP 5 Leading Ladies who Style in my Opinion gets an A+

      The "Material Girl" is my Number 1... Top of the List, Fashion Icon! Period!

                                                    Halle Berry
      Yeah, Yeah! I know its Halle and she always look stunning. But I lover her "Everyday Casual" style. It's always simple but it speaks volumes!

       Victoria Beckham aka "Posh"
      One word...Fierce! OK one more?! Chic! This woman is the Epitome of style! Her taste in fashion is truly impeccable. 

      Say what you want..BUT, this chick can do no wrong in my book. Rhianna is one of the few (maybe only) people who can rock anything and look GREAT while doing it. She "walks to the beat of her own drum"...She takes fashion risk and it works. 

      This woman is Consistent! She is always on her "A- GAME"....From top (Hair is always flawless) to bottom. I "dig" her fashion sense.

      Black Girls REALLY Do Rock!!!

      She Makes Motherhood look so FAB 
      I’m officially convinced!!! I will be 9months pregnant, probably big as a house, and still rocking a pair of stilettos. Why?  Because if this woman can have a one year old daughter, start a group for moms, work, still look Fab, annnnnnd enjoy motherhood all in one…. then I think that I have the ability to wear my 6inch heels all the way to the delivery room. LMBO

      So who is this woman I’m speaking of? It’s my college friend, and BBM pal, Tamika Greene. Though I’m in no rush to be a mom (yet)…. I do however; look forward to the joys of “Mommihood” and I can give a little of that credit to Tamika. She is a woman who took her excitement and love of motherhood and created a Group for Moms and stamped it with the name “MOMTOURAGE”.


      Momtourage, was created by Tamika as a way to bring mothers together to not only engage in 'mommy  discussions",  but to enjoy themselves and do “mommy things” with their children.These Fab mommies have quarterly events rotating back and forth between moms only, and then moms and kids. Their first event was a mommy mix and mingles where they had belly dancers, food, and a group discussion. Other events have included cooking classes, battle of the sexes with mom vs. dad and this Christmas season Momtourage had an ornament exchange. 

       I admire Tamika for creating a group like Momtourage. Why? Because motherhood as we all know is not at all an easy task…but when you have a group like this you are able to pull strength, encouragement, and advice from other moms. Most importantly its woman….mothers……. coming together for a common goal and its all for the love and joys of motherhood. I hope that more moms follow suit after Tameka…. Our communities need more moms like her!  Keep Thriving Tamika! Momtourage ROCKS! …..and you make motherhood look fab!!!

       "Each Event is Tailored To Her Client"

      Are you in the mist of planning your big day?  Do you have a special event coming up? If so, I have just the woman for you! Her name is Rena Williams, and she is the Creative Director and Lead Consultant of R. Style Events based out of Atlanta, Ga….Thru her love of event planning Rena has orchestrated her creativity to truly cater to the needs of her clientele. She is a gifted and talented event planner and I highly recommend her.

       You can find her on her blog at 

       Needless to say ….Rena and I are High School friends and its always exciting to see old friends Thriving and excelling in all they set out to do. You GO GIRL! Keep Thriving!!!