Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Deitrick Haddon..........

is one of  the most "Down to Earth", Gifted, Talented, and Unique individuals I have ever met!  I had the opportunity to work as his wardrobe stylist for the mini movie, and cover for his new album "Church on the Moon". .... And Let me tell you guys from the moment this man set's foot on a set to the very end of the shoot he -puts- in- work!!! His energy is crazy, his passion is obvious.... and that voice.... when he opens his mouth to sing the effortlessness behind all that pours out of him leaves me at a loss for words. 

Now, let me keep it real for just one moment...lol.. ugghhhh  I LOVE the Lord...and thank goodness HE knows what's best ....because had HE given me a voice to sing I am most certain that we would have had some issues...Cause let me tell ya'....I would have been trying to set up a meeting with Diddy trying to get on "The Last Train to Paris" singing runs, or trying to lace a track with Soulja Boy singing songs with no substance..... talking about my "swag is turned all the way up"...lol...
In  all seriousness...Deitrick sings with such anointing, soulfulness, passion, and power. His  lyrics carry immense power because its pure, and its honest....and it  has the capacity to elevate you to such great heights in worship. He is a rare and special commodity in the music industry, and I find it hard to compare his level of talent with any other artist.  

Photography By: Derek Blanks

In his ability to transform gospel into something "genius" , he has also managed in the same breath to take gospel to an ENTIRELY different level. He has embarked on a style, that has and will continue to leave a mark on the gospel music industry. "Christian R&B" is what some may call it, but whatever the name, or term you chose to go with.... . I make NO EXAGGERATION ...The man GOES HARD, and WITHOUT ANY DOUBT you will not be disappointed.

I admire Deitrick, for where most people  with a voice like his would have gravitated and chosen to record songs that would be a "hit in the club",  he chose the far greater, and rewarding task....He chose to be obedient and use his gift to not only glorify God,..... but to encourage, and minister to the people who love the Lord, and love to worship. God Bless you Deitrick, for being such a blessing to all those you have come in contact with through your music.

...Be sure to go out and get   "Church on the Moon".....TAKE OFF is JANUARY 25, 2011....... I'm ready for worship!!!!

Here is a clip from Deitricks movie Blessed & Cursed: The song "Well Done" is featured on the new album

Here are a couple of songs I wanted to share that I love from Deitricks last album Revealed: 1st song is "Ungrateful", and the 2nd one is "It's Raining".

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