Thursday, January 6, 2011

Black Girls REALLY Do Rock!!!

She Makes Motherhood look so FAB 
I’m officially convinced!!! I will be 9months pregnant, probably big as a house, and still rocking a pair of stilettos. Why?  Because if this woman can have a one year old daughter, start a group for moms, work, still look Fab, annnnnnd enjoy motherhood all in one…. then I think that I have the ability to wear my 6inch heels all the way to the delivery room. LMBO

So who is this woman I’m speaking of? It’s my college friend, and BBM pal, Tamika Greene. Though I’m in no rush to be a mom (yet)…. I do however; look forward to the joys of “Mommihood” and I can give a little of that credit to Tamika. She is a woman who took her excitement and love of motherhood and created a Group for Moms and stamped it with the name “MOMTOURAGE”.


Momtourage, was created by Tamika as a way to bring mothers together to not only engage in 'mommy  discussions",  but to enjoy themselves and do “mommy things” with their children.These Fab mommies have quarterly events rotating back and forth between moms only, and then moms and kids. Their first event was a mommy mix and mingles where they had belly dancers, food, and a group discussion. Other events have included cooking classes, battle of the sexes with mom vs. dad and this Christmas season Momtourage had an ornament exchange. 

 I admire Tamika for creating a group like Momtourage. Why? Because motherhood as we all know is not at all an easy task…but when you have a group like this you are able to pull strength, encouragement, and advice from other moms. Most importantly its woman….mothers……. coming together for a common goal and its all for the love and joys of motherhood. I hope that more moms follow suit after Tameka…. Our communities need more moms like her!  Keep Thriving Tamika! Momtourage ROCKS! …..and you make motherhood look fab!!!

 "Each Event is Tailored To Her Client"

Are you in the mist of planning your big day?  Do you have a special event coming up? If so, I have just the woman for you! Her name is Rena Williams, and she is the Creative Director and Lead Consultant of R. Style Events based out of Atlanta, Ga….Thru her love of event planning Rena has orchestrated her creativity to truly cater to the needs of her clientele. She is a gifted and talented event planner and I highly recommend her.

 You can find her on her blog at 

 Needless to say ….Rena and I are High School friends and its always exciting to see old friends Thriving and excelling in all they set out to do. You GO GIRL! Keep Thriving!!!

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