Thursday, January 6, 2011


Just as much as you would like for “us women” to look nice….we too desire for you to be up to par as well!


When a man possesses a keen sense of style….He can grab the attention of almost any woman (Well at least There is just something “special” about a man who has a goatee (did that just come out?) …..What I meant to say WAS…. there is nothing more attractive than a man who has style, knows how to coordinate, and who is not afraid to express himself through his clothing. Presentation is important! Like it or not…….how you present yourself to others on the outside does play a major role as to how people perceive you, and deal with you accordingly. I did not make this rule up... Society did….I’m only the messenger!  Here a some things to assist you. 

 1.     Shoes
True Story: One of the very 1st things I look at on a man is his shoes! Shoes tell a story, and when they do I "listen".  If they are dirty, too big, or “cheesy” best believe our conversation will be brief. … (E- special- ly, if you call yourself “trying to holla”). No, I’m not being cruel, or stuck up…. but obviously Presentation is not important to you so what do we need to discuss? 

Let me add….I obviously have no issues with men rocking sneakers….but I do have an issue when it’s the only thing in your closet. Grown men should posses some sort of hard bottom/dressy shoe.  You should always be prepared (wedding, black tie event, funeral, business meeting). Boots are also a good way to add to your look. Check out these boots (Warning:  they”aint” for everybody

Rubber Ago Laceless Zip Boot by John Varvatos

Brown Bowery Gaiter Boot by John Varvatos

Bowery Button Oxford Boot by John Varvatos

Smithwick Boot by Mark Nason

Mind over Matter by Kenneth Cole

 2. Jacket/Coat/Blazer

Chose One! Any of the three can POLISH and “seal the deal” to almost any look. There are many different styles that can take you from day to evening, or to keep you casual. My personal favorite for a more stylish look has always been a leather motorcycle/biker jacket. As for the blazer you have the ability to dress up your look or dress it down. Though I’m a “Sucker” for biker jackets I do happen to like coats…This olive green Military Style Crossover by Zara is pretty dope. (shout out to Arash we have the “same eye” )

3. Tailored Suit

I think I have made it clear in this post that I love a man who has style (and men with goatees lol) …but another thing I love to see on a man (not all the time of course) is a well fitted suit. Tailor Made Suits!!! (I crossed my legs and batted my lashes as I typed this while I envisioned “him” in a suit )…. look here not owning at least…at least ONE tailored suit is "no beuno"… Though tailored suits are pricey they are worth the investment. 

4. Accessorize!

Cufflinks! Cufflinks! Cufflinks! 

Do not deprive yourself of the most small and simple things that can enhance your look. Cuff links will never go out of style…and they are quite flattering if you ask me.

These 14k gold cufflinks from Tiffany's will set you back  $4, 000  (NICE - but it's NOT that serious)  

Knot Cufflinks from Links London $155.00

                  I adore these Morano Glass cuffllinks. You can find them at $29.95


                                                                 Bow Ties.......
 are making a strong comeback…(not that they were ever really gone) Dress it up or dress it down bow ties can make your look “pop”.  Check out my friends Manuel line Ekqualyte (pronounced Equality). His line of ties and bow ties are beyond dope…his style is fresh and edgy,  and not to mention the man is fashion forward! Manuel resides in LA but he hails from my home state of North I'm even more excited to show his work.  Check out his line for men at You can peep some of his bow style down below:

Nadia Navel

Marilyn Metallic

Peggy Plaid

Suzy Blue

 Pocket Square

I “dig” the pocket square. It’s one of the greatest accessories for men. Throw on a blazer a tee shirt and add you a pocket square….there you have casual with flair of sophistication. I got excited when I found this picture because this is a PERFECT example of what I mean. The man in the photo is not doing much but the pocket square added something to the look.

Here’s a hint:  For those who are “gusty”
* Mix your shirt, tie, and/or pocket square patterns….the “safest” way to do this is make sure your pieces have similar colors. This will make it work. Have Fun


  1. I really enjoyed your blog! Very insightful and inspiring.I especially loved the letter to men.Although I felt like you put my closet on your page (lol) you did put me up on some John Varvatos selections I hadn't seen before! And Redenvelope is now my site! Thank you! Now I know what I gotta buy for my bday! A pair of blacks boots is just what I need! Keep up the good thoughts!

  2. Thank You Larell
    Red Envelope is awesome! Im sure you can find some things you like.

    In regards to John makes perfect sense that you are familiar with him. His line of boots/shoes taps right in your sense of style. Enjoy those black button oxford boot for your bday :)

  3. There is nothing quite like a tailored suit!