Thursday, January 6, 2011

It was Love at First Sight

I have never been the type to follow trends or labels because everyone else was….. Nor, have I ever been a huge fan of the infamous red bottom shoes by Christian Loubiton. Now, don’t get me wrong he designs fabulous shoes but FORGET about him for a moment, and allow me take you to a place that you have probably never been before. Allow me to introduce to you someone who’s “bandwagon” u should be on! Meet my NEWEST best friend (if we ever meet) Raphel Young

Almost a year ago I stumbled upon Young, while surfing the net for new shoe designers. When I saw a pair of his shoes they almost made me check myself into S.A. (SHOEHOLICS ANONYMOUS). What fascinated me the most about this designer…. besides his passion is his ability to transform his love for architecture and engineering into creating, and building a shoe that exudes style and wreaks creativity! Raphael, an orphan from Korea was adopted by family from the South of France at the tender age of 4. He is also a onetime shoemaker for YSL (working alongside his uncle). His story is just a testament that no matter where you come from you too, have the ability to THRIVE. 

Peep some his FALL 2010 designs:

Ladies what do you think of Young’s shoes? Fellas …would u mind splurging a little for your lady so she can have a pair?  All I’m saying is for the those thigh boots, and both  booties  I would prepare breakfast, lunch and dinner served piping hot EVERYDAY… what would you like for dinner I would ask "him" ? Cause I’m at your service! I KID, I KID! LOL 


  1. Hella sexy luvin his style....I might have to ask my man for a pair and sing Destiny's Child song "Cater to You" (I possibly just might mean to do everything in the song). LOL!!!

  2. Aren't they?!! Trust me.....if you "PERFOM", "Cater to You" the shoes are yours. lmbo...keep us posted. lol