Thursday, January 6, 2011

My Thoughts on Style

My view of fashion has always been different than most.  I strongly believe that style is a freedom of expression. No matter what you are wearing, if you exude confidence than you have the ability to make anything you wear look as if “hot”.  Now, please do not misconstrue my statement, by concluding that I’m conveying that you can wear just any old thing, be confident, and you will look great. That is by far what I’m saying. However; what I AM saying is that it DOES NOT take rocking a well known label to be stylish, or to look your best. When you feel great about yourself, you tend to project that in your outer appearance.

In fact, my opinion is this…having a keen sense of style starts from within. What you feel on the inside exudes on the outside. If you feel great you should want to look great, and one way to do this is by expressing yourself through your clothing. Just keep in mind that, “being over the top”, “trying extra hard to be different”, does not constitute being fashion savvy! There are those who are naturally different, and can pull off doing dramatic things with their wardrobe ….BUT, if that is not who you really are, you will FAIL! Your personal style may be the cause of the next big fashion trend, so just be YOU!  Remember fashion designers, wardrobe stylist, heck the fashion industry as whole, draws some if not most of its inspiration from everyday people. So embrace your own personal style, be a trendsetter not a trend follower, and enjoy the beauty of being YOU.

Here are my TOP 5 Leading Ladies who Style in my Opinion gets an A+

The "Material Girl" is my Number 1... Top of the List, Fashion Icon! Period!

                                              Halle Berry
Yeah, Yeah! I know its Halle and she always look stunning. But I lover her "Everyday Casual" style. It's always simple but it speaks volumes!

 Victoria Beckham aka "Posh"
One word...Fierce! OK one more?! Chic! This woman is the Epitome of style! Her taste in fashion is truly impeccable. 

Say what you want..BUT, this chick can do no wrong in my book. Rhianna is one of the few (maybe only) people who can rock anything and look GREAT while doing it. She "walks to the beat of her own drum"...She takes fashion risk and it works. 

This woman is Consistent! She is always on her "A- GAME"....From top (Hair is always flawless) to bottom. I "dig" her fashion sense.

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