Thursday, January 20, 2011

You can thank me later....

  1. Adding a few drops of nail polish remover to your thick/old nail polish can turn it into "new" polish
  2. Dabbing clear nail polish over a loose button will keep it from falling off
  3. Hair Conditioner serves as a great shaving cream 
  4. Rubbing a dab of nail polish remover can remove scuff marks on patent leather shoes
  5. Placing your costume jewelry in (separate) Ziploc/Freezer bags keeps them from tarnishing
  6. Using a razor can help get rid of those annoying fuzzy balls on your winter/fall sweaters
  7. Dipping your hands in ice cold water speeds of the drying process for wet nails (from what I hear)
  8. Baby Wipes serves as a great make- up remover on the face as well as make-up accidents on the clothes
  9. Driving damages the back of your shoes (take a look) You should keep a pair of driving pair in the car
  10. Freezing your tight fitting leather/patent leather shoes can stretch them. How? Click HERE

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