Friday, January 21, 2011

Assume the worst and Hope for the Best

Maybe something is wrong with me...and if there is.....So What!!! But I HATE flat shoes!!! You will mostly likely not ever see me in a pair, unless you catch me running a quick errand. I do however; keep a pair in my car for driving and in case of an "Emergency". Though I prefer a heel over a flat.... I do strongly believe that "THE FLAT SHOE" lol serves a great purpose, and comes in handy... Especially if you are traveling ...and here is why...

I take some pride in my presentation. Not to impress anyone.... I do it for Mia! It makes me feel good.... But I will be honest and say that when it’s time to see my man …. Trust…I'm going to step it up a few more notches. It's "only right"! lol.... So here is the story.....During my junior year in college, my boyfriend at that time moved to Vegas..... Shorty after the move… he sent me a plane ticket to come visit him. So in "good ol’ Mia fashion"….I had it all planned out! I was going to step off that plane strut my stuff, and give this grand entrance for my hunny. So I thought!!!! I went to the airport sporting my little black dress with my killer 6" inch high, knee boots on. I was going to be ready! Only issue is ...I made it from Charlotte to Atlanta and then the dreadful happened. Walking through the airport my heel snapped. I- almost- "DIED"!!! I was mortified!  Here I am in this HUGE spare shoes in my carryon bag, no place to purchase any, annnnnnnd.... I'm now walking with a limp because of a missing heel. Not to mention I will no longer be able to give him this grand entrance that I had hoped for.....and to "put the icing on the cake" I have all these eyes on my limp, and that darn missing heel. I either got a confused look, double take, or the side eye from people. I was embarrassed!!

I remember calling my boyfriend literally CRYING ...I was upset with him!!!  lol...As if it was his fault that I had broken my heel, and had to walk through the airport with a limp. He was empathetic at the time.... yet he still managed to ridicule me for not being prepared. Needless to say ….he did not receive the entrance I wanted to give. He showed up to the airport with a pair of flip-flops for me, laughing, and shaking his head....BUT, he made sure I left Vegas with a pair of sneakers as my back up plan and a fixed heel. ;-)

Moral to My story is this (if you haven’t gotten it yet).... Assume the worse and Hope for the Best! Have a Back -Up Plan! 

I MUST hand it to Dr. Scholls...THIS IS A BRILLIANT IDEA! BRILLIANT! Flats that come in a little pouch. You can carry this in your purse, on your wrist, or even in a small clutch and pull it out when needed!!! Where was Fast Flats when I needed them most in Atlanta?!!

 Things Woman Should Keep Near:
      1. SPARE SHOES!  Try to keep pumps and flats (keeping those black pumps in the car will come in handy just as much as a pair of flats... Believe Me)
      2. Mini Sewing Kit/Double Sided Tape
      3. Stain Remover Pen
      4. Hand Sanitizer 
      5. Baby Wipes  (Save yourself some cash go to the 99cent store for your wipes)

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