Saturday, August 20, 2011

Everyone knows I hate flat shoes...

but I'm trying to make a change. lol....A couple of weeks ago I hit up my London Chick,  Zeze to remind me of what "flat" shoe she suggested for me to try out....and she said "Melissas" by Viviane Westwood. Duh, why didn't I think of that?" This is the reason as to why you need and should keep people who are just as  fashion savvy as you are, around!  They can remind of what you have forgotten...Right?! ..Thanks ZeZe!

Viviane Westwood

As much as I would love to give you a run down on Westood, I think you would find her website quite interesting....You can read about her history in the fashion industry, as well as view her clothing collections for  fall/winter 2011, HERE. My most favorite is the "Anglomania" collection its Pure, Creativity!
Let me say have fashion designers that create these avant garde pieces that the average person can not always understand, or even want to wear.... but with Westwood, her pieces make sense. I get her eye, and her taste for fashion. She channels the past and make's it current.

These are the  very first pair of shoes that I saw by Vivianne Westwood  last year.  Of course I loved them because they are unique.

Not crazy about the small heels...but ALL of her shoes from the Melissa/Anglomania shoe collection are "fire".  

                  Oh Yeah...I was suppose to be looking at flats ...So what do you guys think? Which ones?

Where the heck have I been? Apparently, .M.I.A!! When I saw the collection for babies..I almost"OH DEAR"....These are just too cute,and darling! I'm about to purchase a pair for my daughter...(my daughter that does not exist..yet!) lol

Anglomania - Mini Melissa Baby Collection

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