Tuesday, August 30, 2011

There is nothing like a man who has impeccable style, has a goatee, and loves the LORD. Yes! I'm so serious!!!!! I give major kudos to any male who is not afraid to take risk when it comes to his wardrobe, women do it all the time. Don't be afraid to add color, prints, texture to your look. Get creative.  Fall is approaching...so I decided to take peek  at a few stores that I like, to see what they had to offer....So, let's take a look ...

Velour Blazer -Zara 

I heart the color of this Blazer! It's so Fresh! Let's dismiss this grey shirt, though!  It works, its just too "safe" for me. Instead of the grey consider a shirt with patterns, ...or try some color blocking by adding a color like purple or yellow underneath instead. Monochrome is another option (meaning using the same color of the blazer but in a different shade.)

Trucker Jacket - Levi
                      Jean Jackets can work with almost any and everything in your closet ( male or female). You can pair it with printed/color/khaki pants...boots, moccasin, or a sneaker. Jean jackets, loves everyone!

Jacket - H&M

This jacket shows off the "silhouette"- shape/form.... one of the reasons as to why I like it as well as the detail..The jeans work... Ditch the bag throw on some boots - "BAM" u ready for fall
Sweater- Diesel
                  I'm all for mixing patterns and colors together but this up top is not working for me. The shirt takes away from the hotness of this olive green sweater. I would stay simple and add some brown to this look w/a darker denim pant.

Sweater w/ Aplique Foulard -Zara
I like this as is....Clean Cut and Polished...

I would put accompany this top w/ a leather  motorcycle jacket. Roughen the look add a black sculley
Checkered Blazer - Zara Not to thrilled about the white t-shirt under the blazer but Im digging this jacket. I would add a necklace.
Varsity JacketI love everything about this look. It's simple, casual, yet still stylish.  I like the Brown belt peeking out Scarf with this style jacket is a great combo. I wouldn't mind a paper boy hat w/ it as well.

How about some wrist action...

Have a little money to blow? Chronograph T- Race watch by: Tissot $650

Grant Chronograph Rose Gold Tone by Fossil $135

Tortoise Show Stopper by Michael Kors $275

By Diesel $180
Lg Expresso by: Michael Kors $250

Guys you can really kick up your look a few notches by adding some dope cuffs/bracelets to you wardrobe. Here are some that I found that you can draw some inspiration from while out on your next shopping trip.

Stackable Bracelets By: Kenneth Cole

2-Baldwin by Diesel

Leather Cuff By: Batwing Battleaxes

 Dolce & Gabanna

Studded Calfskin by Dsquared

 Leather cuff bracelet by Vita Kat
Silver Five Fleur De Lis cuff by Pyrrha

Leather cuff w/Sideways Cross by Guess

If you have some money to blow and I do mean BLOW...then check out this dog collar necklace by Givency. It will set you back a couple of "G's". The price to be exact.... $2136.Yeah ;-/

This  piece is a little more subtle and less expensive its "Bi - Coastal" by RichRocks  $70

David Yurman (On of my favorite jewelry designers)

Silver Chain w/ Charms - Guess

Many Coins-Urban Outfitters

L: "Obey"- Urban Outfitters    R: Square Bass Ring by Maison Martin Margiela

Text Ring - Guss
I've been having a little crush on high top sneakers as of lately....Primarily because of the styles down below... Some are from Spring/Summer collections but you can still carry over to the Fall/Winter.

YSL - Yves Saint Laurent


Chrstian Loubiton

Marc by Marc Jacobs

I love Missoni so I'm loving what they did w/ the Chuck Taylors

John Galliano - Not sure what season these are from ...either way DOPENESS

Swizz Beatz Reebok Kamikaze

                                          This next collection is by Maison Martin Margiela - I like!

Not until 2012  ( DOPE)

If high- tops are not your thing...
Alexander McQueen Puma
Electric Laced Moccasin - Zara
Deck Shoes- Zara
Howard Black by Native
I'm a "sucka in love" for guys in boots!! So, I needed to put some boots in this post. The first two are from Zara -  they have a little "something on 'em."

John Galliano

Yes Sah! These are from Mar Nason -"Severed"

There are so many styles to chose from when it comes to hats...The 3 below are my style of choice
Cable Stich Hat - Zara ("paperboy style")

Trilby Banded Hat- Calvin Klein

Yeah, I'm still a fan of the vintage trucker hat
  Scarfs are a great accessory for both male/female


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