Monday, August 29, 2011

3 Shoes that I HATE with a Passion......

Maybe it annoys me  because women wear them for all four seasons....It can be hot as fire, with the sun blazing, but I guranntee you someone will have these on! This is an epedimic and I'm trying to save folks!  I just don't get it!!!! I wish these boots would disappear. Hey, I know I'm going to hear some flack from two ladies in particular  (Hi Deonne, and Tamika G.) but I'm prepared for war. I need u ladies to do

#2 Kitten Heels
These irk me to my core! I'm confused! What is the purpose of a kitten heel? If your heel is that tiny, and THAT close to the ground then you mind as well bring it  all the way down to a  flat! Period! Right?! At least I know my boy  C. Barret will appreciate me for bringing this to the forefront. lol 
#3 Crocs
Look, unless you are a doctor/nurse one should NOT..I  repeat one should NOT wear these out in public! U shouldn't even own them at all, but if you  do keep it private! Yes, I'm beyond serious! Shout out to my BFF Meka,  my "brother" Jamaal, and my boy Jared, embarrassingly enough they "rep"  for Crocs. lol

Disclaimer: If this post offended you in any form or fashion then you must be guilty of rocking one of the three if not all three. I'm not hear to judge, whatsoever..I'm  only here to help you come up higher! lol

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  1. OH NO YOU DIDN'T!!!!!!!!! 1st let me say that i am an advocate for "dress however you feel cause people are gonna talk about you anyway". 2nd, some women cannot walk in heels at all or have to much weight for a higher heel other than kitten, however a pump might be better support if that were the case. 3rd, crocs stink. Especially when you're around people who wear them for fashion without socks. 4th, i feel you on all of these shoes and i do not own either item nor will i ever. 5th, you forgot jellybean shoes. 6th, i am so glad you put it out there like that. 7th, i can't wait to read what meka and deonne have to say..lololol..