Saturday, July 16, 2011

Sweet Lips

I went to this "industry" party with a friend during the B.E.T awards weekend and while I was doing what I do best...EATING.....and people friend noticed and pointed out a girls "interesting lip". At first glance the color on HER seemed “off” but on second glance I realized she had designs on her lips. So now, I'm slightly puzzled even more interested!!!  I had to chat with her and see those lips up close. I will admit, initially, I gave her a slight side eye...but then, up close… I thought,  wow -this is actually pretty dope!

OK, so what was on her lips? The line is called ... "VIOLENT LIPS" (tattoo for your lips) Here are some of my favorites from their collection.

For more designs check out their site HERE

Not to shabby if you ask me!! I like!

Another style that's  making its ways to ladies lips is Minx. It last 8hrs, gloss is not required and you can remove with baby wipes.

You can  purchase Glizty Lips on their website by clicking  HERE
Pretty interesting...If worn the right way I think this could add some "UMPH" to a persons overall look .

Another collection of lipstick you ladies may want to check out is Ka'Oir by  Keyshia Dior.
 You may recognize the models  face from  magazines and  hip-hop videos. Her collection has a plethora of colors that are bright and vibrant. Here are a few colors from her WEBSITE




Rude Girl


What do you guys think? I'm all for something different and fun! I will most defiantly be trying one or all three of these lip lines out...Stay posted...Which ones did  you like?

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