Saturday, July 16, 2011

He is so Fresh... Super Fresh

If you're ever in downtown Los Angeles, near the fashion district and  you so happen to see a guy with tatted sleeves, tats on his neck, possibly some chucks on, with a cap flipped up that says "Superfresh" or "Fresh" then that's my friend Not only is he a dear and close friend of mine but he is most defiantly one of those special people in my life. I'm excited to blog about him because he is one of the FEW people who inspires me to be Great. Not only is he talented, creative, hardworking, and a passionate designer and entrepreneur ..He is a true sweetheart, and one of the most respectful guy's I have ever met in my entire life!  I'm so serious..But,  I have never met anyone on this planet like him. He is a rare jewel.

So what is so special about him other than the things I have mentioned above? Well, Lamar has been in the fashion game for quite some time now...and  excitingly enough his 2nd line called "Super Fresh" is doing quite well.  He has a collection of ladies  T- Shirts and accessories that are sold exclusively at Hot Topic stores...AND he also has another collection of  Super Fresh T-Shirts and Accessories for both men and woman sold on his site.  Click Super Fresh.

In Hot Topic trying on my SuperFresh Tee! Photography by LaMar himself ;)

So this is how it works when you shop from Super Fresh (words straight from his website)
"Each Item goes up for sale every other Monday. Once it sells out, or after 2 weeks, whichever comes first, that item will be gone. And when we say, "gone", we mean G-O-N-E - never to be sold again at Supefresh.(unless maybe a crazy crazy.. CRAZY demand for it presents itself).And even then it wouldn't be a guarantee" 

Now, remember when I mentioned earlier how creative he is? Well peep this.. LaMars T-shirts are shipped and delivered in meat packages with a sticker that reads SUPERFRESH!  Did you get that?? lol...WAIT!!!.......Give me a'm Putting up my hand to give him another high - five (as if he is here to give me one back) I mean Really!!!....Who would to think to do that?  Its out of the box, and the concept is beyond dope. 

I'm one of those people who love to see people THRIVE...but its extra special and super duper  exciting when its your Friend!

One of my favorite pictures EVER...LaMar Came through 2show me some Love on my Birthday last year
LaMar usually has about ten ideas and concepts running in his head and oddly enough everything typically makes sense...and is always over the top creative.. . I'm looking fwd to seeing all those ideas in his head play out. Super Fresh  is just a TINY  piece of what will become of him in the future... mark my words on this one. ;)

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