Saturday, July 16, 2011

In My Gwen Stefani voice.....

"It's Bananas .....B-A-N-A-N-A-S"!!  I'm singing about Fendi's 2011 Spring/Summer shades...THEEEEEE hottest shades EVER! I don't want a pair of these in my life, I NEED a pair badly! I'm talking "Michael Jackson - BAD"! The word says  "Ye have not, because Ye ask not" -Matthew 7:7-12...SO, with that being said My Birthday is September 20th, if anyone really wants to make my day and purchase these Fendi shades for me then please feel free to do so. The shape + the colors+ the overall concept = these are THE END

Fendi 2011 S/S Sunglasses

I'm raving about those Fendi shades but my MOST  favorite style when it comes to  sunglasses is AVIATORS!!! The brand that is on the top of my list who creates dope aviators is...CARRERA.  No matter how much I try to rock a pair of my other shades..I end up (most times) switching to my Carrera's. I love them that much!  YUP!

Here are some style that I like from Carrera
Easy- Gold White Gold

Endurance/l - Havanna Gold
Forever Mine - Fuchsia Silver Palladium 

Hot- Red

Champion - Brown Ochre

I would be remiss if I did not mention Cazal. Awesome brand as well....I "dig" the vast majority of their Vintage collections....Ahh-mazing!

Vintage Cazal 856 
Vintage Cazal 731
Vintage Cazal 908
Vintage Cazal 954

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